IGET BAR – Best disposable vape of 2020

IGET BAR is one of the most popular vapes and has been considered as the best disposable vape of 2020. Anyone who is willing to start their vaping journey should definitely get their hands on IGET BAR.

The IGET BAR contains an impressive 12 ml of E-liquid that provides around 3500 puffs. The vapes comes along a 1500mAh battery which making it one of the most suited option amongst the other disposable vapes. Unlike the other ordinary vapes, IGET BAR is one of the most advanced and sought-after vape in the category. One can get their hands on iget legend 4000, iget legend grape, iget legend pink lemon orange, iget xxl blackberry grape ice at igetvape.store.

What is a disposable vape?

A disposable vape can be simply classified as a vaping device that comes along with a pre-charged battery and pre-filled liquid. The disposable vapes as the name suggests are the type of vapes that don’t need to be recharged or refilled unlike the others in the category and are simply meant to be disposed of after their use.

Disposable vaping can categorically be an affordable way of entering the world of vaping as it’s not only a cheap option but also a good alternative for people to mimic the idea of smoking. The reason behind the same is that disposable vapes do not contain any kind of buttons on them and the user just simply has to draw from the vape to start the experience.

How does one use disposable vapes?

If one has received their disposable vape and is unable to get started with it, don’t worry it’s really easy. One just has to unpack the packaging of their disposable vape and after obtaining the vape pen on hand just draw from the vape as one will do with the cigarette. There are no buttons for the same and one just has to get started with it.

Why do disposable vapes taste better?

One of the foremost reasons for disposable vapes tasting better is probably due to cotton wick in the disposable vapes which in completely saturated into the e-liquid months before purchase. In addition to that, the disposable vapes are designed for one-liquid flavor only that eliminates variability.

The resistance of the disposable vapes can also be a great contributor in providing a great taste. The presence of only a single resistance can also eliminate variability.

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