Is an IGET better than a GUNNPOD?

Different Yet Compact Sizes

The design of both the products differs in size. The size difference occurs due to structural differences between them. IGET King also has a slightly smaller size than Gunnpod vapes Flavours, but both are still compact and easy to carry with you. they come in similar quantities, no matter how large or small the device is. With this device.

Rich Flavours

The Gunnpod vapes has a wide range of fruity flavours, with excellent icy flavours. IGET King’s only fruity ice option is the standard. For any vape lover, these products offer a great range of unique flavours with exceptional quality strength for beginners or experienced vapers and those looking for something new.

The difference in experience

The Gunnpod has an extensive range of flavours that are both unique, like the rush and kiwi strawberry combination, and traditional like mango ice and passion fruit. No matter what you’re looking for, they’ve got it. The authentic tastes will exceed your expectations, no matter which flavour you choose. They offer several types of berry flavours, like Mixed Berry, Cola Ice with its authentic flavours, or Passion Fruit. For something more traditional try Mango or Banana flavour at Gunnpod.

IGET King’s vape flavours are rich in icy formations. They provide a fantastic blend of icy flavouring along with natural fruit flavours. The combination makes sure the person feels intense endorphin rushes when they take a sip. Some of their flavours include blackberry and raspberry ice, cola ice, and passion fruit grape ice. There are also traditional flavours like mango bombs and tremendous peach. These fruity flavours give you a high feeling while leaving a good taste in your mouth and other flavours include pineapple juice ice, strawberry kiwi ice, lush fruit, etc.

Puff capacity as per the need

Gunnpod and IGET VAPES give great vapour. They come in a range of capacities, from 700+ to 2600+. This is enough for most people. Both offer a good value for money and each has different capacities depending on what you need. The low variation on the Gunn pod is perfect for beginners who want to taste various flavours before deciding which one they like best.


The Iget King and Gunnpod are different from each other with similarities. Purchasing a pack of IGET Kings show various offers and better puff quality than Gunnpods did. The rich flavours for the IGET Kings and Gunnpods vary depending on what you are looking for. The size varies too, but both are lightweight and easy to carry.