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Experience vaping nirvana with our combo: 2 WAKA SoPro PA10000 devices. Enjoy a total of 20,000 puffs, along with unbeatable value. Pick your favourite flavours and elevate your vaping game today!


30 reviews for 2 × WAKA SoPro PA10000 (PICK YOUR OWN FLAVOURS)

  1. Ryder Haines

    The combination of different flavours and devices allows me to customize my smoking experience to my mood. The sleek design and high quality materials make these devices a pleasure to use. With a wide variety of flavours to choose from, I can always find the perfect flavour to satisfy my cravings. Highly recommended for those looking for variety and convenience in their tobacco journey!

  2. Jasper Darcy

    This vape combo is a no brainer for me! The device is thoughtfully designed for a comfortable grip and easy operation. The variety of flavours ensures that there is always something exciting to try. Thanks to the extended battery life, I can enjoy uninterrupted vaping for longer periods of time. I am extremely happy with this combo and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality vaping experience.

  3. Aria Keane

    I was very impressed with this vape combo! The included devices strike the perfect balance between style and performance. Each puff delivers a rich and satisfying flavour experience. The compact size makes them easy to carry and makes smoking on the go a breeze. With the ability to mix and match flavours, I never got bored. This is a wonderful combination for any tobacco enthusiast!

  4. Owen Reed

    I’m truly impressed with the efficient shipping and delivery service provided by this store. My orders always arrive promptly, and the secure packaging ensures that my products are protected during transit.

  5. Finnley Archer

    The devices are not only aesthetically pleasing but also perform exceptionally well. The range of flavours is remarkable, offering a delightful burst of taste with every puff. The long lasting battery life means I can enjoy extended vaping sessions without worrying about recharging. This combo is a true gem that delivers on both style and substance!

  6. Max Ford

    I’m extremely satisfied with the wide variety of vape products offered by this store. Whether it’s pod systems, mods, or e liquids, they have it all, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

  7. Ava James

    The long lasting battery life and large capacity of their vape devices provide an exceptional vaping experience that keeps me satisfied throughout the day without worrying about frequent recharging.

  8. Mia Chase

    The vape products from this store are truly top notch. With high quality construction, they are built to last and withstand the rigors of daily use, providing a reliable and enjoyable vaping experience.

  9. Ivy Dawn

    The vape I purchased from this shop has excellent performance and a sleek design. It is easy to use and the battery life is impressive. The price is competitive and the customer service is very helpful. I am a satisfied customer!

  10. Allegra Quinn

    I can’t express how much I love this vape combo! The devices are sleek, modern, and incredibly user friendly. The flavours are simply outstanding, capturing the essence of each taste perfectly. The puff count is impressive, ensuring that I get my money’s worth. Whether I’m at home or on the go,this combo provides the ultimate vaping satisfaction.

  11. Zephyr Grove

    I was looking for a vaping device that could deliver a big smoke and I feel that this product does what I said it would do. The smoke produced by this device is thick and large, giving me an excellent vaping experience. And, another great thing about this product is its battery life. With just one charge, it can deliver about 10,000 puffs of smoke. This is truly one of the most powerful vaping devices I have ever seen.

  12. Olivia Reed

    I just bought the iget combo smoke, and let me tell you, I feel absolutely fantastic! The array of nice flavors keeps me delighted, and the abundant smoking experience seems never ending. The sleek and user friendly design adds an extra touch of sophistication to the whole vaping journey, making it truly a vaping nirvana for me!

  13. Leo Stone

    I highly recommend their diverse flavour selection! From refreshing fruits to indulgent desserts and even unique blends, their range of flavours caters to different taste preferences, allowing you to find your perfect all day vape.

  14. Nyx Shadow

    This vape combo is an explosion of taste! The flavours burst on my tongue, leaving me with a satisfying and memorable vaping experience filled with bursts of delightful taste sensations that excite my taste buds and make every puff an adventure in flavour.

  15. Ava Morgan

    Combining the convenience of a disposable bong with the high end performance of a premium vape, the iget combo has been the smartest vaping decision I’ve ever made. It has elevated my vaping experience to new heights, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

  16. Saffron Vista

    I’ve tried many different vaping devices and I feel that this one is the best. the Type-C charging port is well thought out and makes the charging process very easy. The USB Type-C charging port is well thought out and makes the charging process very easy. Also, the large battery capacity and powerful vaping capabilities make this device even more attractive. Buying two together is cost effective and I highly recommend this product.

  17. Basil Horizon

    I recently purchased the waka and this device is really great. My favourite thing about it is the randomness of the flavours, every time I use it it’s like a new adventure which adds so much to my vaping experience. The battery life is also pretty great, it delivers about 10,000 puffs of smoke, which is twice as much as most devices I’ve used before.

  18. Tawny Pinnacle

    The dual mesh coil design of this waka sopro is impressive. I have the freedom to switch between normal and enhanced modes, which gives me a completely different vaping experience. Every time I use it, I feel like I’m trying a brand new product, and that’s a great feeling.

  19. Summer Day

    The Vape batteries I have purchased from this shop are long lasting and the capacity is exactly as advertised. The packaging is secure and the prices are competitive. This shop has become my go-to for reliable electronics!

  20. Ryder Blaze

    This shop has a great selection of quality vape sodas! I found my all time favourite flavours and even discovered some new ones. The products are designed to last a long time and the price is reasonable for such a high quality product!

  21. Caden Mist

    A dreamy vape combo that feels like a luxurious treat! The flavours are decadent and smooth, providing an unforgettable vaping sensation that indulges my palate with every inhale and takes me on a sensory journey of pure delight.

  22. Mia Scott

    They have become my ultimate go to vapes! The ergonomic design fits my hand perfectly, making it a comfortable experience, and the impressively long lasting battery life ensures I can enjoy clouds of flavorful vapor without any interruptions. It’s like holding a masterpiece in my hands!

  23. Caleb Murphy

    The iget line has me utterly hooked! The smooth vapor and never ending smoke are truly unparalleled. I must admit, this e vape is a complete game changer, and I’m eagerly anticipating trying out all the delightful flavors that await me!

  24. Quill Serenity

    I was amazed at the battery life of this product. I have never used any device that delivers this much smoke. Even my favourite device only delivers about 5,000 puffs of smoke and this product delivers more than twice that. I highly recommend this product, it’s a great value for the money and well worth the money.

  25. Vega Star

    A harmonious fusion of flavours that make vaping a pleasure! This vape combo is like a well-choreographed dance of taste on my palate, creating a symphony of delightful sensations with every puff, where each note of flavour harmonizes perfectly with the next, creating a truly enjoyable vaping symphony.

  26. Luke Coleman

    For all the smoke enthusiasts out there, the iget combo vape is an absolute must have! The perfect fusion of style and satisfaction has left me thoroughly impressed. Trust me, once you try it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it sooner!

  27. Hazel Moon

    I was very impressed with the fast shipping and well-packaged vape accessories from this shop.The flavours of the vape juices are bold and delicious, and every sip is a delight. The capacity is large enough to last a long time and is really good value at this price. Great value for money. Highly recommend this shop to all vapers!

  28. Aurora Frost

    This vape combo is a delightful surprise for my taste buds! The flavours are refreshingly unique, setting it apart from any other vape I’ve tried, leaving me with a memorable and refreshing experience that entices me to come back for another delightful vape session.

  29. Orion Frost

    The customer service at this shop is amazing! They helped me find the ideal Vape starter kit for my needs and preferences. The kit works great and the flavour is very satisfying. The price is reasonable and the quality is excellent. Really happy with it!

  30. Zephyr Dawn

    An exquisite blend of flavours that caters to all palates! This vape combo is a crowd-pleaser, ensuring everyone finds a favorite that satisfies their unique taste preferences and leaves them wanting more.

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Product Description:

Unlock an unbeatable vaping experience with our WAKA SoPro PA10000 combo. This budget-friendly offer includes two sleek devices, each packed with features to enhance your vaping pleasure.

These discreetly designed vapes come in classic black and white, adding a touch of elegance to your vaping sessions. With 18ml of e-liquid capacity in each vape, you’ll enjoy extended usage without the need for frequent refills.Stay informed about your e-liquid and battery levels with the integrated indicators, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment. Recharge effortlessly with the USB Type-C port, eliminating the hassle of replacing batteries.Choose from a diverse range of 27 flavours to personalize your vaping journey. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the world of vapes, our combo offers a satisfying and affordable way to enjoy your favourite flavours.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional value. Elevate your vaping experience with WAKA SoPro PA10000 and indulge in the world of flavours at your fingertips.

Product Features:

  • Size: 45.6*28*94.8mm
  • Net weight: 70g
  • Flavour options: 27
  • E-liquid Capacity: 18ml
  • Battery Type: rechargeable-USB type-C
  • Battery capacity: 850mAh
  • Puffs: 10000Puffs
  • Nicotine Level:5%(50mg/mL)

Pack Contents:

  • you will get  2 × WAKA SoPro in this combo
  • Big capacity of total puffs of 20000 puffs at this affordable price
  • Pick your own preferred flavours in your order
  • Delivery guarantee
  • Discreet package