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Experience vaping excellence with the WAKA SoPro and IGET LEGEND Combo. This extraordinary package offers a total of 68,000 puffs at an affordable price. The WAKA SoPro PA10000 delivers a remarkable vaping experience with its 18mL capacity and 850mAh battery, providing up to 10,000 puffs. Switch between normal mode and boost mode for intensified satisfaction. The IGET LEGEND is a top-of-the-line device featuring a massive 12ml e-liquid capacity and a long-lasting 1350mAh battery, offering over 4000+ puffs. Enjoy your preferred flavors discreetly, with guaranteed delivery and free shipping. Elevate your vaping journey with this exceptional combo.

WAKA SoPro Flavour 1
WAKA SoPro Flavour 2

31 reviews for 6 × WAKA SoPro + 2 × IGET LEGEND (PICK YOUR OWN FLAVOURS)

  1. Oliver Turner

    I especially like to have a sip of this when I’m slightly tipsy, and today I went to a famous wine producer, Margaret River is known for its wines, but on one of my trips there, I found this quiet spot overlooking the river. I had a picnic here and while my friends were busy setting up a small BBQ, I enjoyed a quiet moment “sucking” the steam.

  2. Ethan Hall

    Going on a bushwhacking trip with some friends. After a day of navigation, banter and the occasional snake scare, setting up camp and relaxing with my vape, they were all extra special and new at the time and always complimented me on my good taste.

  3. Charlotte Parker

    I’ve had it for a while now, but because it’s all so big it’s caused me to only open and use it now, I just happened to be at the Opera House today for a show and took it out to enjoy with my friends, and it’s really been a necessity for my happiness to take a puff every now and then when we’re out chatting about something or other.

  4. Liam Mitchell

    The expanse of Katherine Gorge is like no other. On a boat tour, I took the time to inhale in between storytelling by my guide, surrounded by rugged cliffs and crystal clear waters. It was nature’s grandeur with a hint of today’s technology.

  5. River James

    Switching from traditional vapes to vaping was a challenge, but this device made the transition seamless. Its intuitive design, combined with stellar performance, made it easier for me to let go of my old smoking habits.

  6. Emma Claire

    The tank’s generous capacity means I spend less time refilling and more time enjoying. It’s a thoughtful feature, especially for those who vape frequently throughout the day.

  7. Cherry Lane

    As a beginner, I was looking for something simple yet effective. This vape, with its user friendly interface and clear instructions, was just what I needed. Now, I can confidently say that I’ve made the right choice.

  8. Lachlan Brown

    Footy match at the MCG, halftime came, and we gathered around the stands. Pulled out my vape, and it quickly became a conversation starter. The boys were super keen to know where I got it.

  9. Mary Lou

    Leakage was a consistent issue with my past devices. However, I’ve been using this one for months and haven’t had a single problem. This reliability, combined with its excellent performance, gets two thumbs up from me.

  10. Cate Blanchett

    Before this, I was always on the hunt for the perfect vape. Now, I can confidently say my search is over. The cloud production is dense and consistent, the flavours are vibrant, and the device itself feels premium and well built.

  11. Mel Gibson

    Battery life has always been a pain point for me with other vapes. But with this one, I can vape all day without any worries. The fast charging feature ensures that I’m always ready to go, making it perfect for my busy lifestyle.

  12. Jacob Lee

    For someone aiming to reduce their nicotine intake, this vape is a godsend. The different strength options allowed me to taper down gradually, making the whole process more manageable.

  13. Margot Robbie

    From the very first glance, I could tell that this vape was different. The attention to detail, the premium materials used, and the sleek design make it a standout. Performance wise, it’s a beast, offering consistent hits and lasting battery life.

  14. Jack Thompson

    G’day mates! Last summer, I headed over to Bondi for a surfing championship. Thought I’d lost my vape after a gnarly wave, but found it in my board shorts pocket later, still working perfectly. Reliable little ripper, this one!

  15. Russell Crowe

    Gone are the days when I had to carry bulky vapes. This device is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for on the go vaping. Despite its size, it doesn’t compromise on performance, offering a powerful hit every single time.

  16. Olivia Paige

    The inclusion of a USB-C port for charging is a smart move. Not only does it charge quickly, but it retains the power, allowing me days of use even with my heavy vaping habits.

  17. Grace Campbell

    After a day of exploring the town, we made our way to this little local restaurant. After a full meal, I lounged outside with my vape and listened to some locals play guitar. I wasn’t used to the taste of vape at first but I bought a lot of them out of curiosity, I thought I would never buy another one after using it up, but now I can’t live without it, and I want to bring it with me on all occasions.

  18. Keith Urban

    Personalization is the future, and this vape nails it. The adjustable settings allow me to tailor my vaping experience to exactly how I want it. The cloud production, flavour intensity, and throat hit can all be adjusted to my liking.

  19. James Kelly

    Was watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean in Perth, the sky painted in hues of pink and orange. Took a puff from my vape, and the flavour just added to the serenity. Absolute bliss!

  20. Sarah Jane

    Having adjustable settings is a game changer. With this vape, I can tweak my experience, making it just right for my preferences. Whether it’s more flavour or more clouds, this device has got me covered.

  21. Sophia Lynn

    Portability is a significant factor for me, and this device hits the mark. Its sleek design and size fit seamlessly in my pocket, making it ideal for those who are always on the move.

  22. Keith Urban

    Personalization is the future, and this vape nails it. The adjustable settings allow me to tailor my vaping experience to exactly how I want it. The cloud production, flavour intensity, and throat hit can all be adjusted to my liking.

  23. Oliver White

    Mate, I was at Darren’s backyard BBQ last weekend. The grill was hot, the steaks were sizzling, but it was my vape that had everyone’s attention. They loved the unique blend I was puffing on. Total hit!

  24. Autumn Breeze

    This isn’t just a vape; it’s a work of art. The build quality is robust, the design elegant, and the performance unparalleled. Every time I use it, I’m reminded of the premium feel and durability.

  25. Samuel Dean

    I genuinely appreciate the safety features embedded in this vape. It’s clear that the brand wants to ensure a safe experience for its users, which builds trust and loyalty.

  26. William Mitchell

    On my last camping trip to the Outback, with the red dirt and endless sky, I forgot to pack my vapes. Fortunately, my trusty vape was with me, giving me the perfect relaxing break under the southern stars.

  27. Braxton Cooper

    Being a regular online shopper, I’ve seen it all. But your store stood out. The extensive product information, transparent pricing, and timely delivery updates were commendable. The product itself was top-quality, reaffirming my decision to shop from you.

  28. Taylah Knight

    The diverse product range on your website piqued my interest. Every step, from selecting a product to checking out, was straightforward. I was kept informed about my order’s status, and the product quality was outstanding. Kudos to the team!

  29. Xavier Mitchell

    I’ve always been wary of online shopping, but your store is a game-changer. The product descriptions, easy checkout process, and quick delivery were impeccable. Trying out the product was a joy, and I’m convinced to shop again.

  30. Keira Barker

    What drew me to your store was the plethora of positive reviews. From the start of my shopping experience to the time I tried the product, everything was flawless. The product quality, packaging, and timely delivery exceeded my expectations.

  31. Lincoln Thompson

    I came across your store through a friend’s recommendation. Right from browsing to finally receiving the product, the entire process was seamless. The commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in the product I received.

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Product Description


Experience the remarkable power of the WAKA SoPro PA10000 Disposable Vape, renowned as one of the most potent vaping devices available. With its substantial 18mL capacity and an 850mAh battery, this vape ensures an extended vaping experience, delivering up to 10,000 puffs. The ingenious implementation of dual mesh technology guarantees exceptional performance, granting users the option to switch between normal mode and boost mode for an intensified vaping experience that exceeds expectations.


IGET LEGEND VAPE is a remarkable device to consider. It boasts a massive 12ml e-liquid capacity and a 1350mAh battery, which enables it to provide more than 4000 puffs. With such a high-capacity battery and e-liquid tank, this device can last for extended periods, making it ideal for users who prefer long vaping sessions. Moreover, the LEGEND’s compact size makes it easy to carry around, allowing vapers to enjoy their favorite flavours on-the-go. Overall, the IGET LEGEND is a top-of-the-line vape device that offers an unparalleled vaping experience with its extended battery life and large e-liquid tank capacity.

Combo Features:

  • Big capacity of total puffs of 68000 puffs at this affordable price
  • Pick your own preferred flavours in your oder
  • Delivery guarantee
  • Discreet package
  • Free shipping offered

Product Features:


  • 18.0 mL per vape
  • Approximately 10000 puffs per device
  • 850mAH internal rechargeable battery
  • Dual mesh coil (activated with boost mode or non-burst bead smooth mode)
  • Extra large clouds & stronger vape
  • USB Type-C charge port


  • Puffs capacity:Up to 4000+ Puffs per disposable
  • Battery capacity: 1350mAh
  • Pre-filled e-liquid capacity:12ml
IGET LEGEND Flavour 1(2pcs)

Passion Fruit Grape Orange × 2, Mango Banana Melon ×2, Blueberry Berries Blackcurrant ×2, Passion Fruit Watermelon Ice ×2, Orange Melon Lemon ×2, Plain Coffee ×2, Pineapple Watermelon Lemon Ice ×2, Blueberry Blackberry Ice ×2, Blueberry Blackberry Ice ×2, Aloe Mango Cantaloupe ×2, Pink Lemon Orange Ice ×2, Raspberry Watermelon Lemon ×2, Passionfruit Melon Ice ×2, Mango Banana Ice ×2, Strawberry Kiwi Ice ×2, Cola Lemon Soda×2, Blackberry Ice× 2, Blueberry Raspberry Grape Ice ×2, Strawberry Watermelon ×2, Peach Pineapple Lime ×2, Passion Fruit Mango Ice ×2, Lush Ice × 2, Grape Ice ×2, Watermelon Kiwi ×2