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2 × WAKA SoPro + 2 × IGET LEGEND (Random Flavours)


(20 customer reviews)

Experience the power and versatility of the WAKA SoPro and IGET LEGEND Combo. With a total capacity of 28,000 puffs, this affordable package offers exceptional value. The WAKA SoPro delivers impressive performance with its 18mL capacity and 850mAh battery, while the IGET LEGEND offers extended vaping sessions with its 12ml e-liquid capacity and 1350mAh battery. Enjoy the convenience of the IGET GOAT disposable vape with its 5000+ puffs and 1800mAh battery. Benefit from discreet packaging, delivery guarantee, and free shipping. Elevate your vaping experience with this top-of-the-line combo.

2 × WAKA SoPro PA10000 & Minty Apple Tea
IGET LEGEND-mango cantaloupe

20 reviews for 2 × WAKA SoPro + 2 × IGET LEGEND (Random Flavours)

  1. James Patrick

    What captivates me about this vape isn’t just its stellar vapor quality or the gamut of available flavours. It’s the meticulous craftsmanship, ergonomic design, and the overarching user-centric approach. They’ve raised the bar.

  2. Mia Quinn

    If you’re looking for a vape that delivers on both style and performance, look no further. The sleek design and vibrant colors make it a fashion statement while the powerful battery ensures a long lasting experience. It’s the perfect combination of form and function.

  3. Eli Cole

    This vape has completely changed the way I vape. The intense flavours and satisfying clouds of vapor make every puff an absolute delight. I can’t imagine using anything else now. It has truly elevated my vaping experience!

  4. Zara Lane

    I’m beyond impressed with the quality of this vape. The build is sturdy, and the flavours are bold and well balanced. It’s clear that a lot of care and attention went into creating this exceptional device. It’s worth every penny!

  5. Ava Blake

    What sets this vape apart is its user friendly design. The airflow control allows me to customize my vaping experience, whether I want a tight draw or a more airy one. It’s effortless to use, and the flavours truly shine with each puff. It’s a perfect blend of functionality and flavour, making it a must-have for all vapers.

  6. Max Grey

    I can confidently say that this vape is the best I’ve ever used. The battery life is exceptional, and the smoothness of each puff is truly remarkable. I’m hooked and can’t imagine going back to my old vapes!

  7. Isla Thompson

    Darwin’s markets are a vibrant mix of cultures, colours, and chatter. Every time I visit, I’m amazed by the variety of crafts, foods, and stories. Found a cozy corner once, ordered a chilled beer, and just sat there vaping and people-watching. Tourists buzzing around, locals sharing tales, kids laughing – it was a canvas of life unfolding before me, enhanced by the smooth taste of my vape.

  8. Mason Brown

    Oi mate, I remember spending a whole summer at the Gold Coast, trying to master the waves. After each intense surfing session, I’d just collapse on the warm sand, soaking up the sun. Pulling out my vape, the fruity flavour would complement the salty sea breeze. As the waves crashed and the seagulls squawked, I’d drift into my own world. Those, mate, were some of the best days of my life.

  9. Emily Rose

    This vape embodies the perfect intersection of style and efficacy. It’s transformed my daily ritual with its durable battery and a broad spectrum of flavours. Truly a top-tier choice.

  10. Chloe Williams

    Back in the day, Brisbane BBQs were all about steaks, beers, and a cloud of ciggie smoke. But times have changed, for the better. Nowadays, it’s still the same juicy steaks and cold brews, but the air’s cleaner with most of us switching to vapes. The banter’s just as lively, if not more. And those get-togethers? Longer, heartier, and filled with laughter without all the coughing fits.

  11. Lily May

    For those who are new to vaping, this is the device to start with. Simple interface, straightforward setup, and an overall rewarding experience make it a top pick.

  12. Charlotte Davis

    First time I tried a meat pie in a small town bakery, I was amazed. My vape gives me the same surprise with its rich flavours. It’s the perfect dessert after a meat pie!

  13. Isabella Smith

    Had a beach BBQ at Byron Bay, while others struggled with the wind to light their vapes, my vape stood out with its consistent performance. Truly a beach buddy!

  14. William Walker

    Tassie’s wilderness is a world of its own. Dense forests, serene lakes, and pathways that promise adventure. On one of my treks, after hours of walking, stumbled upon this perfect clearing. Surrounded by ancient trees and the sound of a distant waterfall, it was a spot untouched by time. I sat down, took out my vape, and let the misty flavour blend with the fresh mountain air. It was solitude, but the kind you cherish.

  15. William John

    Transitioning from vapes to vaping was a challenge, but this device has made the shift almost seamless. The tactile feel, combined with authentic flavours and consistent vapor, ensures a premium experience.

  16. Noah Davis

    There’s something magical about watching the sun dip below the horizon, especially over the Great Barrier Reef. The oranges, purples, and pinks reflecting on the water, the silhouette of the distant islands, and the calmness that envelops everything. Holding my vape, taking slow drags, I’d feel connected to nature. It’s in those moments you realize how life’s best pleasures are often the simplest.

  17. Sophie Turner

    Sunny afternoon, playing backyard cricket with the family. After my legendary innings, took a vaping break. It was smooth and long-lasting, just like my time at the bat.

  18. Sarah Jane

    Having sampled a myriad of vapes, this one undeniably stands out. From rich flavour profiles to an enduring battery life and a sleek design, it’s a vaping aficionado’s dream.

  19. Chloe Martin

    Picture this: A serene fishing spot, the gentle hum of nature, and me waiting for a bite. Then I take a moment with my vape, and the world seems perfect. Best companion for quiet times!

  20. Mia Richardson

    On a Gold Coast road trip, windows down, singing to the tunes of Tame Impala, I realised I’d forgotten my regular vapes. But my vape was right there in the glovebox, making the journey even more memorable.

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Cheep Vape Combo Product Description

Cheep Vape Combo:2 × WAKA SoPro + 2 × IGET LEGEND (Random Flavours)


Experience the remarkable power of the WAKA SoPro PA10000 Disposable Vape, renowned as one of the most potent vaping devices available. With its substantial 18mL capacity and an 850mAh battery, this vape ensures an extended vaping experience, delivering up to 10,000 puffs. The ingenious implementation of dual mesh technology guarantees exceptional performance, granting users the option to switch between normal mode and boost mode for an intensified vaping experience that exceeds expectations.


IGET LEGEND VAPE is a remarkable device to consider. It boasts a massive 12ml e-liquid capacity and a 1350mAh battery, which enables it to provide more than 4000 puffs. With such a high-capacity battery and e-liquid tank, this device can last for extended periods, making it ideal for users who prefer long vaping sessions. Moreover, the LEGEND’s compact size makes it easy to carry around, allowing vapers to enjoy their favorite flavours on-the-go. Overall, the IGET LEGEND is a top-of-the-line vape device that offers an unparalleled vaping experience with its extended battery life and large e-liquid tank capacity.

Combo Features:

  • Big capacity of total puffs of 28000 puffs at this affordable price
  • Delivery guarantee
  • Discreet package
  • Free shipping offered

Product Features:


  • 18.0 mL per vape
  • Approximately 10000 puffs per device
  • 850mAH internal rechargeable battery
  • Dual mesh coil (activated with boost mode or non-burst bead smooth mode)
  • Extra large clouds & stronger vape
  • USB Type-C charge port


  • Puffs capacity:Up to 4000+ Puffs per disposable
  • Battery capacity: 1350mAh
  • Pre-filled e-liquid capacity:12ml