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Enhance your vaping journey with our combo: 3 WAKA SoPro + 3 IGET GOAT devices. Enjoy a total of 35400 puffs and seize the unbeatable combo offer. Elevate your flavour choices and elevate your vaping experience today!


25 reviews for 3 × WAKA SoPro + 3 × IGET GOAT (PICK YOUR OWN FLAVOURS)

  1. Leo Byrne

    I love the convenience of this vape. It’s perfect for travel or on the go vaping. The flavours are incredible, and the battery life keeps up with my busy lifestyle. Highly recommended for vapers on the move!

  2. Ava Tate

    The attention to detail in the design of this vape is evident. From the comfortable mouthpiece to the easy to use airflow control, every aspect has been carefully considered for a premium vaping experience. It’s a design marvel!

  3. Kai Moss

    Not only does this vape deliver on flavour and vapor production, but its durability is also impressive. I’ve dropped it multiple times, and it still works perfectly. It’s a testament to its high quality construction. I can confidently say that this vape is built to last, making it worth every penny. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

  4. Alex Wells

    I can’t say enough good things about this vape. The vapor production is impressive, and the throat hit is just right. The IGET brand has become my go to for all my vaping needs. It’s a brand I can trust!

  5. Lily James

    Unbeatable quality and stellar customer service make them my favorite vape wholesale supplier. I’ve been a loyal customer for years, and they never disappoint. Their regular introductions of new vape products keeps my customers happy.

  6. Ruby Mace

    The iget brand never disappoints, and this vape is no exception. The puffs are consistent and satisfying, and the battery lasts longer than any other disposable vape I’ve tried. It’s a true winner that keeps impressing me!

  7. Jasper Storm

    The vapour coils I ordered from this shop fit my device perfectly and the vapour production is extremely high. The price is fair and the quality is top notch. Delivery was fast and hassle free. Highly recommend this shop for all your vapour needs!

  8. Benjamin Parker

    Superior vape products coupled with top-notch service! Their extensive selection and competitive pricing make them a cut above the rest. They make my retail experience a walk in the park with their customer-friendly approach.

  9. Autumn Skye

    This vape shop offers excellent customer service and fast delivery to Australia! The device I ordered arrived quickly and well packaged. It is perfect for my needs and the build quality is outstanding. I am very happy with this purchase!

  10. Oliver Hudson

    Best vape supplier in the market! Their wide variety of innovative vape products consistently draws in a large customer base for my store. It’s clear they understand what retailers need.

  11. Willow Frost

    I love the convenience of purchasing Vape products from this shop. The website interface is user friendly and the checkout process is smooth. The electronics I purchased look sleek and perform perfectly. The prices are competitive and the quality is worth every penny!

  12. Sophia Walker

    This wholesaler’s vape products are a hit with my customers. Deliveries are always timely and in excellent condition. Working with them is seamless and uncomplicated.

  13. River Wilde

    I’m impressed with the wide range of vape accessories here! The selection here is unrivalled and the quality of the products is outstanding. The prices are competitive and the packaging ensures safe delivery. As a loyal customer, I can’t recommend this shop enough!

  14. Ethan Sawyer

    Their vape product diversity is simply amazing. Delivery is always punctual, and the quality of their products is consistently top-notch. They make the procurement process stress-free.

  15. Max Knight

    The vape I received from this shop exceeded my expectations! The flavours are well balanced and they have both large and small products you can choose from so many on the market. The price is reasonable and the quality is unrivalled. I will definitely patronise this reliable shop again!

  16. Isabella Wright

    Ever since I started stocking products from this wholesaler, my sales have seen a significant increase. Their high-quality vape gear, coupled with competitive pricing and outstanding customer service, is simply unrivaled. They are a key partner for my business.

  17. Liam Fletcher

    Top-notch quality is the hallmark of this vape wholesaler’s products. Their diverse range attracts many customers to my shop. Fair and competitive pricing helps my business thrive.

  18. Charlotte Harper

    This supplier offers a phenomenal range of vape products. Their swift shipping and dedicated customer service team truly demonstrate their commitment to their clients. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure total satisfaction.

  19. Amelia Stone

    This vape wholesaler ticks all the boxes – quick shipping, quality products, and superb customer service. They are definitely a must-have for our retail business. Highly recommended to other businesses!

  20. Mason Carter

    Fantastic vape wholesaler! The array of products they offer is unparalleled. Their orders always arrive on time and in perfect condition. This is a supplier I can truly count on.

  21. Joel Edgerton

    The safety features in this vape are commendable. From overheat protection to child proof locks, it’s evident that the company values its customers’ well being. The performance is exceptional, and the flavour profiles are some of the best I’ve ever experienced.

  22. Isla Fisher

    Temperature control in a vape is crucial for me. With this device, I can adjust it to my liking, ensuring that I get the perfect balance between flavour and cloud production. It’s a game changer and has elevated my vaping experience to new heights.

  23. Naomi Watts

    This vape strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. It’s a treat to the eyes and offers unmatched performance. The range of available flavours ensures that there’s something for everyone, and each flavour feels rich and immersive.

  24. Toni Collette

    Every vaping session with this device feels like a journey. The diverse flavour profiles, combined with adjustable settings, ensure that I can customize my experience down to the finest detail. It’s a must have for every vaping enthusiast.

  25. Eric Bana

    I never thought I’d be so passionate about a vape, but here I am. The simplicity, combined with top tier performance, makes it a joy to use. I’ve recommended it to all my friends, and they’ve had nothing but praise for it.

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Product Description:

Elevate your vaping experience with our exclusive combo: 3 WAKA SoPro + 3 IGET GOAT devices, all customizable with your preferred flavours.

WAKA SoPro stands out with its satisfying mouth-to-lung vaping, closely resembling the sensation of traditional smoking, delivering exhales that mimic real tobacco smoke. It’s more than just a disposable vape; it’s rechargeable, reducing waste and conserving resources. The addition of convenient e-liquid and battery indicators ensures you always know when it’s time for a charge or refill, providing uninterrupted vaping pleasure.

IGET GOAT offers a unique airflow control feature, allowing you to customize your inhalation resistance to suit your preferences. Its transparent casing design enables you to monitor e-liquid levels, eliminating the embarrassment of running out unexpectedly. Health-conscious users appreciate the reduced impact on well-being compared to traditional tobacco products. Additionally, its compact and pocket-friendly design makes it perfect for on-the-go use, ensuring you can enjoy your vape wherever you are.

This combo seamlessly combines satisfaction, convenience, and health-consciousness, offering a diverse range of flavours and user-friendly vapes. Elevate your vaping journey today, and experience the best of both worlds in one remarkable combo!

Product Features:

  • Size: 45.6*28*94.8mm
  • Net weight: 70g
  • Flavour options: 27
  • E-liquid Capacity: 18ml
  • Battery Type: rechargeable-USB type-C
  • Battery capacity: 850mAh
  • Puffs: 10000Puffs
  • Nicotine Level:5%(50mg/mL)
  • Size: 23*23*122mm
  • Net weight: 66.7g
  • Flavour options: 13
  • E-liquid Capacity: 13ml
  • Battery Type: Pre-charged
  • Battery capacity: 1800mAh
  • Puffs: 5000 Puffs
  • Nicotine Level:5%(50mg/mL)

Pack Contents:

  • you will get 3 × WAKA SoPro + 3 × IGET GOAT  in this combo
  • Big capacity of total puffs of 35400 puffs at this affordable price
  • Pick your own preferred flavours in your order
  • Delivery guarantee
  • Discreet package