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Experience the HQD Titan, where Apple Peach flavour meets vaping perfection. This rechargeable vape offers 18ml of flavourful delight, delivering an eco-friendly and convenient vaping experience like no other.

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10 reviews for HQD Titan – Apple Peach

  1. Cameron White

    The HQD Titan has exceeded my expectations in terms of value for money. It’s light and easy to use, with the Apple Peach flavour being particularly enjoyable. The overall quality and performance at this price point make it an excellent choice. I’m impressed with its value and would recommend it.

  2. Alex Martin

    Using the HQD Titan has been a great experience. Its sturdy build and high-quality Apple Peach flavour demonstrate the product’s durability and quality. It fits my specific requirements perfectly. Additionally, the brand’s customer service is commendable for their prompt and helpful support.

  3. Bailey Thompson

    The durability and performance of the HQD Titan are impressive. The Apple Peach flavour is fresh and enjoyable, and its lightweight design and long battery life exceed my expectations.

  4. Peyton Wilson

    The HQD Titan has provided me with a high-quality experience. Its durability and the Apple Peach flavour’s consistency have exceeded my expectations. The device’s 70g weight is ideal for daily use. I am also impressed with the efficient customer service provided by the brand.

  5. Riley Johnson

    I’m very satisfied with my purchase of the HQD Titan. Its robust quality, 7000 puffs capacity, and lasting battery offer great value. The Apple Peach flavour is very appealing, and the overall performance surpasses expectations.

  6. Mason Williams

    The HQD Titan impresses with its lightweight, user-friendly design. The Apple Peach flavour is refreshing. Quality speaks of brand reliability, and I plan to continue using it.

  7. Harper Smith

    The HQD Titan is a high-value choice. Its sturdy build and long-lasting battery impressed me. The Apple Peach flavour remains rich and consistent, making it a product that meets and exceeds expectations.st build quality assures me of its longevity. I am particularly impressed with the 7000 puffs capacity, which is quite a feat for its size. The Apple Peach flavour is a treat – it’s rich and consistent throughout. For its price, I believe it offers great value, especially considering its exceptional battery life and flavour profile. Definitely a product that has lived up to, and in many ways, exceeded my expectations.

  8. Casey Anderson

    I’m delighted with my HQD Titan purchase. It perfectly meets my needs with its long-lasting 650mAh battery and satisfying 7000 puffs. The Apple Peach flavour is enjoyable, and the customer service has been exceptional, quickly addressing my queries.

  9. Taylor Davis

    Using HQD Titan is a pleasure; light, long-lasting, with a natural Apple Peach flavour. Excellent product and customer service assure brand commitment, encouraging repeat purchases.

  10. Jordan Brown

    HQD Titan is a game changer; compact and efficient with a delightful Apple Peach flavour. Quick customer service response enhances brand trust, making me a loyal customer.

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Product Description:

Introducing the HQD Titan, the ultimate vaping experience from the HQD brand. This rechargeable vape device, designed with environmental consciousness in mind, allows you to savor the delightful Apple Peach flavour and 18 other unique options.

With a generous 7000 puffs capacity, this vape is engineered for convenience. Its 650mAh battery, rechargeable through a USB Type-C charge port, guarantees long-lasting use without the hassle of frequent replacements. The HQD Titan ensures safety through its user-friendly design, requiring responsible use in accordance with the instructions provided. Simply connect it to compatible power sources like a wall adapter, computer USB port, or portable power bank using the Type-C charging cable.Experience vaping like never before with the HQD Titan – it’s an eco-friendly and economical choice that elevates your vaping journey.

Product Features:

  • Size: 49*29*95mm
  • Net weight: 75g
  • Flavour: Apple Peach
  • Flavour options: 19
  • E-liquid Capacity:18ml
  • Battery Type:rechargeable-USB Type-C charge port
  • Battery capacity:650mAh
  • Puffs:7000Puffs
  • Nicotine Level:5% (50mg/mL)

Pack Contents:

  • Product: HQD Titan
  • Flavour: Apple Peach