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Meet IGET GOAT – the ultimate disposable vape. Enjoy the bold flavours of BLUEBERRY RASPBERRY LEMON in a sleek and portable design. No charging, no hassle, just pure vaping pleasure. Upgrade your experience with IGET.

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  1. Mia Nguyen

    I will definitely be purchasing this flavour again. But I am worried that it will impact on the sales of iget’s other products, as the goat is just too good for the money.

  2. Cooper Wilson

    I was blown away by the blueberry raspberry lemonflavour of the iget goat. The blueberry and razz mix is a match made in heaven. The device itself is stylish and functional, and the battery life is great for on-the-go vaping.

  3. Jack Davis

    I was pleasantly surprised by the blueberry raspberry lemon flavour of the iget goat. It’s a unique and refreshing taste that I can’t get enough of. The battery life is exceptional and the device is easy to use. I’m very happy with my purchase from igetvape.store.

  4. Thomas Baker

    I love it so much.Highly recomment it!The IGET GOAT is now the largest disposable vape with over 5000 puff per device. Featuring adjustable airflow, Which is my the best vape.

  5. Charlotte Taylor

    As a vape enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting flavours. The Blueberry Razz blend for the iget goat is a winner in my book. The flavours complement each other perfectly, and the device is easy to use and has a long battery life. A must-try for any fruit flavour lover.

  6. Emily Smith

    The iget goat in blueberry raspberry lemonflavour is my new favorite! The taste is just right, not too overpowering or artificial. The battery life is impressive and lasts me all day. The sleek and stylish design is an added bonus. I highly recommend this to any vape enthusiast.

  7. Liam Chen

    The iget goat in Blueberry Razz is a delightful vaping experience. The blueberry flavour is sweet and tangy, while the razz adds a nice kick of sourness. The device itself has a frosted design and the battery life is impressive. Highly recommend this flavour and device! I’ve already given my friend the legend and goat for the goat, but it’s still a bit heartbreaking.

  8. Isabella Wong

    The iget goat is my go-to vape device. The orange, blueberry raspberry lemon, and lemon flavours are all delicious and authentic. The battery life lasts all day, which is perfect for someone like me who is always on the go. I highly recommend this device to anyone looking for a quality vape.

  9. Ethan Brown

    I was blown away by the selection of fruit blends available for the iget goat on igetvape.store. The blueberry raspberry lemon is my personal favorite, it’s like a tropical vacation in a vape. The device itself has a great battery life and is easy to use.

  10. Olivia Lee

    The iget goat in blueberry lemon flavour is a must-try for any citrus lover. The taste is authentic and not too sweet. The battery life lasts all day and charges quickly. The design is sleek and modern, making it a great accessory to carry around.

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Product Description:

Introducing the IGET GOAT from the renowned IGET brand – a cutting-edge vape device designed to elevate your vaping experience. With a flavour profile like BLUEBERRY RASPBERRY LEMON, it’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.As a one-time-use vape, it eliminates the need for charging, offering worry-free vaping on the go. Just vape and dispose – it’s that simple.

Thanks to its optimized design, the IGET GOAT produces larger vapor clouds and richer flavours, delivering a truly satisfying vaping session.Made of aluminum alloy, this product is lighter and more compact than the IGET King, making it easy to carry and use wherever you go.Built upon the foundation of the IGET King, the IGET GOAT is the latest addition to the IGET series, offering advanced performance and design enhancements for the ultimate vaping experience.Elevate your flavourful journey with this portable and disposable vape companion. Choose IGET, choose flavour, and embrace the convenience of the GOAT .

Product Features:

  • Size: 23*23*122mm
  • Net weight: 66.7g
  • Flavour options: 13
  • E-liquid Capacity:13ml
  • Battery Type:Pre-charged
  • Battery capacity:1800mAh
  • Puffs:5000Puffs
  • Nicotine Level:5% (50mg/mL)

Pack Contents:

  • Product: IGET GOAT
Weight 0.0667 kg
Dimensions 2.3 × 2.3 × 12.2 cm