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IGET LEGEND & PEACH PINEAPPLE LIME is a unique blend of sweet peaches and tropical pineapples and citrus lime finishes, aromas of peaches, lime and pineapple juice and ice fruit punch that will bring you simple sweetness and rejuvenation.

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  1. candace l.

    Great place to do business with, highly recommend.

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    High quality disposables at a good price with quick and easy delivery

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IGET LEGEND & PACH PINEAPPLE LIME disposable e-cigarettes provide a smooth and intense exotic fruit flavour without producing harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide, reducing the amount of harmful substances inhaled by ex-smokers with lower health risks. This makes it a great alternative to cigarettes. Quitters can gradually achieve their quitting goals by gradually reducing the frequency and intensity of disposable VAPE use, reducing their dependence on nicotine and tobacco, it can be used as an alternative in social situations, it helps quitters cope with social stress and habitual behaviour during the quitting process, and is particularly helpful for VAPE beginners planning to quit smoking.



IGET Legend with Peach Pineapple Lime

The IGET LEGEND vape from IGETVAPE is your new seasonal fad and is one of the must-have disposable vapes, offering a huge capacity of 4000 puffs. It features a clear atomiser tank that allows you to control exactly how much e-cigarette juice is left, no second-hand smoke in the vapour, low health risks for those around you, a built-in battery that usually has enough power supply to use without recharging, convenience, easy portability thanks to its compact and portable design, disposable e-cigarettes that are easy to carry and quick to use when needed, low smoke and odour Smokers can gradually achieve their quitting goals by regulating the airflow and reducing their dependence on nicotine and tobacco.

Another highlight of the IGET LEGEND is that it is available in a wide range of fruit flavours, restoring the true sweetness of fruit and giving you the full sensation of a wonderful blend of multi-fruit flavours, and its powerful battery makes it the perfect choice for vape beginners planning to quit smoking.



Product features:

Three adjustable airflows: strong, medium and smooth

Vaping volume: up to 4000 puffs at a time

Battery capacity: 1350mAh

Pre-filled e-liquid capacity: 12ml

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Weight 0.055 kg
Dimensions 2.2 × 2.2 × 12 cm