What flavour IGET vapes are there?

However, currently IGET Vapes comes in 10 Different flavours that may be Strawberry Watermelon, Mint Ice, Lush Ice, Banana Ice, Kiwi Ice, Pineapple juice ice, Blackberry Raspberry ice, Grape ice. But the most popular are IGET Bar Cola Ice & IGET bar ice cream.

Best IGET Flavours

  1. IGET Mega – Mint Ice

This mint flavour is great because it’s incredibly refreshing, like opening your window and getting the morning breeze after waking up. It has a subtle hint of bitterness that can only be found in mint and is more similar to the original taste. I enjoy this flavour a lot as it’s sweet but not overbearing, just right.

  • Strawberry Watermelon

I have tried a lot of watermelon flavours and this one is actually my favourite. It has plenty of cooling and it’s not that minty; it tastes like watermelon cake with some strawberry candies on top. Definitely recommend this flavour.


This is a refreshing watermelon mint flavour. It reminds you of beaches and hot, cold watermelon juice all at once. But it’s too cooling for some people, so only buy if you like a lot of coolness. It will also dry out your throat a bit if you vape a lot in one session, so drink lots of water when vaping this flavour.

  • Strawberry Banana Ice

This vapes juice tastes like dessert or a fruit smoothie. It’s sweet and might also leave you feeling a little queasy if you overindulge.

  • Strawberry Kiwi Ice

This sour flavour is good and different. It’s made with kiwi and lemon so it’s tart while still being sweet.

  • Pineapple Juice Ice

I prefer the IGET Mega Pineapple flavour but only if you like pineapple drinks that taste artificial. If you’re not a fan of strong flavours, then RELX Pods have a variation with a milder taste.

  • Blackberry Raspberry Ice

This flavour is too sweet, more than I can take. However, the taste of blackberries and raspberries is amazing. If you’re looking for very sweet flavours such as desserts or soda juice, you may actually enjoy this taste. The sweet taste also stays with your throat for a couple minutes after each puff which may not be welcomed by those who chain vape too much. I don’t mind it but others may not enjoy this feature of the flavour here. Compared to the other flavours from IGET Mega, I would recommend other flavours over this one.

  • Grape Ice

This grape flavoured ice cream is extremely sweet, like the Blackberry Raspberry flavour. Those with a predilection for astringent flavours can skip it. If you enjoy other grape flavours, this one’s for you.

  • IGET Bar Cola Ice

IGET Bar Cola Ice is a soda-inspired vape, nonetheless not your common cola flavour. This e-liquid has a bold, invigorating taste that will make you feel like you’re drinking your preferred soda beverage. IGET Bar Cola Ice is the perfect vape for a hot summer day. The invigorated flavour and also rich flavour create a retreat from the heat.

  1. IGET Bar Ice Cream

IGET bar ice cream is the best option for ice cream lovers because of its soothing, menthol taste. If you take a bite and feel the sensation of a summer breeze, you’ll know IGET Bars are the best choice when it’s hot outside. They even help you relax and go back to when you were a kid.