Why To Choose Mango Ice Flavour Over Melon Ice Flavor For Party Time?

Vaping is a well-liked activity for unwinding and having fun with friends, particularly at events. However, it’s important to choose the appropriate flavour for the situation. This article will explain why IGET BAR Mango Ice flavour is preferable to Melon Ice flavour for vaping during a party.

Mango Ice Flavor: The Perfect Choice for Party Time

The flavour of the iget bar mango ice combines ripe mangoes with refreshing menthol. On the inhale, a mango flavour is detected, and on the exhale, a cool, icy menthol flavour is detected. Because the menthol is not overpowering, this is the ideal all-day vape for those who enjoy a fruity and icy flavour.

Delicious flavour that is ideal for gatherings is mango ice. It is a favourite among partygoers because of its sweet and energising flavour. The flavour is also adaptable, making it appropriate for a variety of settings.


  • Content: 5% (50 mg/mL)
  • Puff: 3500 Puffs\sE-liquid Volume: 12 ml
  • Battery: 1500 mAh
  • Dimensions: 41.2*19.5*94.8 mm
  • Capacity of puffs: 3500+ equivalent to a week or more
  • Delivery promise
  • Good packaging
  • Portable, small, and light

The popularity of the mango ice flavour is one of its advantages. It’s popular among vapers and is probably available on the menu of the majority of vape shops. Mango Ice flavour complements alcoholic beverages well, making it a great option for gatherings where alcohol is served.

Melon Ice Flavor: A Good Option but Not the Best for Party Time

Many vapers prefer the mild and fruity flavour of melon ice. Its flavour is light and refreshing, making it appropriate for any situation. But there are some disadvantages to party vaping that should be taken into account.

The 3500 puff vape comes in a wide variety of odd flavours. Enjoy a flavorful and satisfying experience with each puff. Additionally, everyone can afford it because of the affordable price. Try it out right away to have a fantastic vaping experience.

For instance, Mango Ice flavour might be more well-liked by partygoers than Melon Ice flavour. It might not work with all alcoholic beverages, which would restrict its use at parties.

Mango Ice vs. Melon Ice: Which is better?

There are a number of things to take into account when contrasting the flavours of mango and melon ice. Both flavours are delectable in terms of taste, but Mango Ice has a stronger and more distinctive flavour. Additionally, Mango Ice is a better option for social events because it is more well-liked by partygoers.


  • Pre-filled, 15 mL
  • Net Weight: 78g
  • To activate, simply puff on the device. Each disposable contains up to 5000 puffs.
  • Delivery promise
  • Good packaging
  • Portable, small, and light

The ability of the flavours to pair well with alcoholic beverages is another thing to take into account. Melon Ice may not be as versatile as Mango Ice when it comes to pairing with different alcoholic beverages, such as beer and cocktails.


For vaping during parties, choosing the right flavour is crucial. A delicious and cool flavour option that is ideal for social occasions is mango ice. It is the ideal option for vaping enthusiasts due to its distinct flavour and popularity among partygoers.

However, Melon Ice is still a fantastic choice if you prefer a milder, fruitier flavour. Just be sure to take the occasion and the drinks that will be served into account when choosing the flavour. Whatever your preference, always exercise caution when vaping.